Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is he a fortune teller or a swindler???!!!

Some thought he is a fortune teller some thought he was a swindler some thought he is a astrologer.He was patron ed by the Kings and Royals, But how is a person knows the future is a mystery,Despite their popularity mystery still surrounded the sayings of Nostradamus.

Without no doubt Michel De Notre Dame popularly known as his Latin name of Nostradamus is still fascinates many people.He is a descendant of a Jewish family but later followed a catholic faith.He completed his studies in Avignon and Mont pellier and he became a physician.

He helped the people of France to control the epidemic disease and hence he had awarded titles The professor and The doctor.He developed a new concept of hygiene to fight against the out break of Plague in Lyon.

Later his interest turned towards writing and publishing cooking recipes, about perfumes and make ups. Then his interest and attention turned towards ocult science and astrology. He published an almanac with weather forecast.

In 1555 he published his first three of his "CENTURIES" which contained descriptions of Mystic vision. When he completed his Centuries it contained about nine hundred predictions in
in sections of hundred verses each. Soon he enjoyed the reputations for prophesying the future. Though his prophesies were popular few of his prophesy gone wrong.

For example he predicted Charles IX would have a long life however he died at the age of 24. Then He prophesied that Valois family would attain great er wealth but this was never fulfilled.

Contrary to this he foretold many historical events like Great London fire in the year 1666,1789 French revolution and the World war II

He predicted the death of Henry II in 1559. Here the verse follows:

"The young lion will overcome the
Older one.
In single combat in an arena
In a golden cage, he shall put
out his eyes
Two wounded in one,and he shall
die a horrible death."

Nostradamus writings were prohibited by the Vatican in the year 1781. One of his prophesy is the end of the mankind. Don't be afraid according to him it will happen in 3797. His four line verses have been translated in many languages with different interpretations. Here I wish to share with you the following, Most of his verses contains negative views of natural catastrophes, revolutions murders and wars.


  1. very, very, VERY interesting blog!
    Im learning alot from it! (nostradamus is one of my favorite subjects... ;P )
    i hope you continue working on this blog and cant wait to see more!

  2. an awesome awesome blog. at the risk of sounding like a complete ignoramus-was he the man behind the cathedrale de notra dame in paris? Will be coming back for more for sure!


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