Saturday, January 30, 2010

Analysis of Intelligence of gifted children

Until the teachers and the parents recognize gifted children as exceptional. Their developments may be retarded once their ability is accepted and favored with a environment, their ability will bloom.

For this a good example was Louis Pasteur, a French scientist who was a very ordinary student while he was studied. But after he had setup his own laboratory he proved his intelligence and he found vaccine for rabies and anthrax.

Some results shows, though the gifted children excels in Mathematics and science their motor development is weak. For example their handwriting, hand writing will be poor because their hand could not cooperate with brains speed. And also their emotional development is not match with their mental development. As they grew older this becomes a problem and they need to be take care of by their parents.

As finding a gifted is hard to identify the modern educators and psychologists designed some group of tests called IQ test. The IQ tests are questionnaires intended to measure the mental abilities. The results of intelligence test are given on a scale of points. This test was based on Alfred Binet’s work. In 1905 Binet introduced first IQ test. He developed short tests to identify the children having learning disabilities, who required different method of teaching.

IQ tests do not provide full measure of Intelligence they do not take into account the creativity or the imagination onto account, hence low IQ does not indicate the low level of Intelligence. A gifted child exceeds 125 points in the IQ tests.

The skills of gifted children are evident then where it comes from? The answer for this question is not clear. It seems it is a combination of genetics and pure chance. As for as now parental genes are greater significance for Intelligence but still we have not decipher how genetic transmission or intelligence takes place?

In 19960’s sperm banks in USA have offered woman the opportunity to be inseminated with sperm collected from carefully selected men- leaders in various fields, in the belief that the genes of these members of the elite will passed on to the next generation. Practically it is not so if you look at the children of Nobel Prize winners they turn out to be normal in most aspects. This is not quite surprise there is a immense number of possible combination of the parents genes on the grand parents side, hence the IQ of the gifted is largely a matter of chance. Either Hans Albert or Edward Einstein the sons of Albert Einstein are not noted for their talent.

There is no doubt the environment also plays a vital part as the genetics for his or her mental development. The education, social and family setting all have a greater influence on the individual development. If a child needs and talents are given necessary attention then the child has more chances of developing certain abilities. if this does not happen his intellect will not be stimulated and his exceptional talent will retain as hidden. But the behavioral scientists still disagree about the relative importance of inheritance and acquired abilities.

In Israel, they offer many extra mural activities on number of level. Instead of covering the curriculum more quickly the students can enjoy more intensive learning experience. The system is more flexible and caters for the gifted to excel in one subject.

Just like our body the brain needs exercise to keep it in optimum. It is vital to keep the brain challenged in order to stimulated and even increase the intelligence


  1. nice articel sob, succes for all
    nice blog ...

  2. It’s interesting how little true discovery goes on in our education system. It’s all about learning things rather than discovering things. Naturally, there is a lot to be learnt, but if we let go of the discovery and exploration we end up with many great accountants (and bankers) and very few creative minds. Now, this not necessarily good or bad for a society, but this is something a society needs to debate what they want to be like: well educated (Japan or Singapore) creative (France, Israel). Of course, there other option is to have an education system that produce mainly ignorance.

  3. Everyone of us is special. This applies even to gifted children! They have special skill and do excel in specific field. I often wonder why most of us have "certain views" on them.


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