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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UFO Spotted on Runway of NASA Jet Propulsion Labs in Google Earth Satellite Images

The UFO or Celestial object is not only a childish fantasy, rather people of different age, nationality or of diverse cultural background; are very much eager to know the truth about these unique object/s, which paved the way for some of the most interesting ballads or folklores in different societies. There are lots of stories, especially in the science fiction segment, which is based on UFO or Celestial object and this is not a modern day issue, it can be found in our earlier literature also, including epics.

The massive development in the science and technology has opened up various opportunities and the space science or technology is not an exception. It is worth mentioning that different countries, where the space research activities are being performed in a serious manner, especially in the USA, Russia, Japan, China, India etc. are specifically involved in the study of these UFOs and Cosmic soul. In this context, it can be noted that NASA, the US Space agency is the front runner in these kinds of studies and researches and very recently some news were coming in about their confirmation regarding the visits of celestial objects in our planet, which is really a new of billion dollars.

Recent Outcry of "Flying Saucer"

A few days back, someone uploaded a video in the youtube, showing a round-shaped object is lying on the runway on the Mesa road, which is near the space agency (NASA)'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), raised the eyebrows of millions of users, who watched the said video. It is according to the insider of the NASA; this very lab is situated in California, US and having the honor of making the first Earth-orbiting scientific satellite of the USA.

In addition to this; it is the headquarter for the upcoming robotic missions, which will study the solar system, planets, other galaxies, asteroids etc. to get some valuable information that may strengthen the study. It was also the place, where the maiden interplanetary spacecraft was made and sent to space, which was a historic moment in the history of space science. The much-hyped video shows a clipping of the picture, taken with the help of Google Earth, which appears as a "UFO" is parked inside the research facility of NASA, which have got all UFO hunters into a conundrum.

The Truth

After lots of noises and claims, counterclaims; Nasa revealed the truth of the picture, shown in the video clipping i.e. uploaded in the youtube, is not a UFO or any kinds of celestial object, on the contrary, it is not at all a supernatural thing, this was just the antenna reflector that was lying there upside down.

Before this revelation, people were quite curious about the circular object and rumors were there in the air that NASA is playing the game or their capturing of UFO has already been done and only the confirmation is yet to come. But the entire episode has come to an end with the confirmation by the UFO hoax-busters that is nothing but an antenna, which is using for capturing different views of the space.

Monday, February 13, 2017

World Oldest Cheese Found On Mummies

Oldest Cheese
The biggest revelation of this session is that cheese is found on the dead remains of Chinese mummies. Yes, you heard it write Cheese! This is an ingredient which is most commonly used is every Italian dishes, because of the extra tinge of flavor that it adds to the overall taste of the food. Vintage Gouda which is suspected to be of an age of five years or even a decade has been witnessed with an accumulation of a yellowish clump on the parts of necks and chests, and after research it was clarified that this yellowish clump is none other than the world’s oldest cheese.

These cheese is said to be as early as 1615 BC, old. And is by far the most ancient discovery ever made. This miracle has been possible because of the reason that dairy products decay very quickly. The world’s oldest cheese is said to be free from lactose which leads to the quickest manufacturing of cheese and that plays a vital role behind the reason why dairy products are spreading across Asia without any difficulty

An author called Andre Shevchenko an analytical chemist of Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, at Germany have concluded that this is not the oldest cheese of the world but it also projects instances of top-notch technology of the ancient time. In relation to this ancient technology both of them have claimed that the method and technology used must have been very easy and affordable that the common mass can avail that for themselves.

This cheese is also said to have been existed exceptionally in accordance to the adverse conditions at Small River Cemetery Number 5, to the northwest part of China just like the mummies.

Shevchenko during his further research got to know the reason behind the slow intensity of decaying. During his research he understood that dry desert air and salty soil are the perfect combination that prevents things from decaying easily and a rapid a pace and then the remains of this graves were kept in freezer to make them dry. The seeds of plants and tissues of animals present in the tomb reveals the exact date of the burial of these mummies, that says that the mummies were buried during 1450 to 1650 BC. This was one of the biggest discovery in the field of history.

Further excavations revealed that some of the bodies of the mummies had very strangely shaped crumbs on their necks and chests. When Shevchenko and his colleagues set out to find what these oddly shaped crumbs are in originality, they realized that it was none other than cheese and were definitely not butter or milk. But, still they did not understand that why these pieces of cheese where scattered near the necks and chests of these mummies. and unable to gain a scientific answer to this question they accepted the old belief that it was given as a food for the next life.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fleet of UFOs Soar Over Mexican Border into the US

A sudden video astonished everyone. The video was of 14 minutes and portrayed a group of seven to eight lights fleeting over the US/Mexico border. The lights were dispersing so gallantly that it caught the attention of several people gazing unblinkingly at the sky. The lights were absolutely new phenomena that none had seen before. The whole incident stunned all the onlookers. The view looked so appealing and charismatic that no one could take their eyes off from the sky. It was a natural occurrence that had the power of leaving everyone in bewilderment.

The border and custom officers who were doing their duty in this border region of US and Mexico were so captivated by this view that they forgot their duties and went off to enjoy every bit of this unbelievable phenomenon. Some of the officers were taking pictures or videos so that they can narrate the incident to their fellow beings. Such a huge number of people were gathered to be a witness of this mesmerizing view that traffic logged on the roads but still without bothering about anything all were desperate enough to watch such an unbelievable thing taking place.

But, the most enticing incident was that the picture of this incident was posted on several social networking sites and on Instagram this post got more than 30,000 views and 200 comments, still all the evidences disappeared from everywhere without leaving any trace. This sudden ejaculation of the post became major criteria of gossip for many. Such an incident indicates the conspiracy that must have taken place behind this entire act. As a result several people began to wag their tongues.

Tyler who is from UFO monitoring group Secureteam confirmed that the footage was taken on Tijuana border towards the Mexican panel. The footage that were captured depicts that this is a fleet or some very huge cluster of UFOs that resembles a traffic that is stopped or is been slowed down.

Even the agents of petrol at the border are still seen with holding cameras so that they will capture the incident as soon as they found them on the sky above the Us/Mexico border. But, the sudden removal of all the footage from the social networking sites is very strange and no one has an deliberate answer to such strangeness. One reason behind the removal would be that some people might not be comfortable in witnessing such a thing on internet. But, still the exact answer to this question is still unknown.

One of the image was so advanced that it depicted how bright the UFOs were that loitered on the sky above the border of US/Mexico. One of the expert in UFO said that it was genuinely an image of an UFO. He said that first the images appeared randomly so it was difficult to decipher them but towards the end the images were prominent enough to understand that they were UFOs.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sudan Monks Had Their Flesh Ripped Off Before Burial

Sudan Monk
There have been many rituals during the ancient time that unveils a lot of mysteries that were buried under the debris of the past. Archaeologists have always ripped out several imperative stuffs from the womb of the Mother Earth, which helps us to get acquainted with several other things and hence our history is forged out of them. Information about ancient civilizations, kings, their lifestyle and religion describing several rituals are also revealed through the excavations.

One of the most recent researches have revealed a very gruesome and terrifying truth about the Monks that is sure to give you goose bumps. Researchers have discovered four cemeteries from the ancient time in Sudan and what was found left everyone in bewilderment as the skeletons that were buried in these cemeteries were positioned in a very weird situation with their legs being stretched at unusual angles, which became the topic for further research.

Sudan Monk_1
The Monks are always placed at esteemed positions because of the kind of peaceful life they lead. But this meticulous excavation seem to turn the table up-side down proving that the respectable life that these Monks of Sudan living almost 1000 years ago led met with the most horrifying ending. The skeletons indicate that the Monks went through defleshing before they were buried. Marks that were found on the skeletons suggests that after the Monks in Sudan merged into the Almighty, there dead bodies after a while used to undergo an inhuman venture were the flesh was removed from the bodies before giving them burial.

Researchers or Archaeologists belonging from the university of McMaster situated in Hamilton have excavated 123 such skeletons from the cemeteries adjacent to a Christian monastery in Sudan, not much far from the River Nile. The skeletons revealed the fact that they must have been buried almost 1000 years ago. One of the cemeteries depicted that it was built only for the monks of the monastery who were adult. The other two contained all mix varieties of individuals, while the fourth only consisted of 15 skeletons all with unfamiliar features.
Sudan Monk_3

Though they were buried almost 1000 years ago, Robert Stark who was the in-charge of expedition, said that the skeletons seemed to be much fresh then they should be. The reason behind this is yet to be discovered and there is still no supporting fact that would reveal the reason behind such act of undignified value. It is pretty evident that the burial system during the ancient time for monks were absolutely banal in comparison to the contemporary times.

There are several other instances revealing heart-throbbing evidences as in some tombs the archaeologists have discovered human skull and bones arranged in a peculiar manner around the burial ground. One of the brutal way of burial which we have discovered now is Mummification were the organs of the body were separated and the brain was forcefully removed from the nose. The other most extreme way of burial was discovered in Tibet where the corpses are given to vultures and the remains were left on the top.

Grieving Mother Sees the Ghost of Her Young Daughter in a Snapchat Photo

A grieving mother was reported to having spotted the spirit of her daughter in a snapchat picture that was clicked by her son and sent to his friend.

Patricia Winchester a 44 year old office manager and a mother was freaked out when she saw a hazy figure flying over the picture sent by her 13 year old son Hunter Bound. Hunter Bound had shared a snapchat selfie with his friend and it was not until a week that his friend had replied him back with a circle around the figure and asking him what was it.

Hunter had freaked out at the mention of the same and could not understand what it was. The picture had scared him and let him to go to his mom and share the fear with her. As soon as Winchester was shown the picture she knew it was Adrianna her little daughter who had passed away at the age of 5 in the year 2006. Winchester had understood that Hunter was terrified and he even refused to sleep in that room.

Winchester reports that there had been earlier situations too when they had spotted the same figure in their house and sometimes an unknown presence near them which had left them question many things. Winchester shared an image of her daughter in white dress spotting the same look as that which can be made out from the eerie figure in the picture and she earnestly believes that it is her daughter.


She says that it is not the first time that such incident has been reported. They have come across the situation a lot many times before. There have been situations where Hunter had told her that he felt something around and didn’t really know what it was. After Adrianna passed there was a time when they were standing outside the house and Hunter and the Dog had both been pointing upwards in recognition of something. The dog kept barking and Hunter did notice something which they were not able to make out of.

In 2013, when Winchester’s dad passed away, Adrianna did pay a visit to him. Winchester’s nephew and Hunter had been in her father’s room just before he died and they had seen their grandfather call Anna’s name and look up as if he could see her. Other times there have been situations where in some pictures there have been hazy figures sported and also the times when Adrianna’s pictures were moved from the shelf to the floor all by itself without having anyone in the house.

The activities have grown larger now and Winchester believes that she wants to seek answers for all of the acts. She believes that she wants to know of the presence and also acknowledge if she really is surrounded by her daughter’s presence. Probably the help of some paranormal expert would bring respite and solve the mysteries to calm Hunter down and also solve the mystery. And as Winchester never talks about her daughter, it is time for her to do the talking and seek the answers!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mysterious Dark Shape Appeared Over Peru


Footage of Dark Object among Clouds – Resemblance to Star Wars Space Craft

A spaceship image has been capturedby a cameraman while he filmed a time-lapse video of the sky in Peru and the footage of the dark object seems to be among the clouds which had been uploaded to YouTube by the Mexican group Misterio Canal, which was translated to Mysterious Channel.Misterio Canal has described themselves as a group from Mexico who seem to love mystery and collect videos.

The groups’ description mentions `that we must elucidate that not all that we publish what we take for granted and not take so much for false, only publish what we find interesting and that you have the last word and that we love the debates, let us open our minds together’.

A large outline with a striking resemblance to a Star Wars space craft had been seen moving in the sky though users rapidly shot down the video stating that it had been a cloud. But the majority of the people are doubtful of it being Star Wars brought to life recommending it was either a bogus video or just a dark cloud. Misterio Canal had inscribed that `Shocking if true would confirm that we are guarded by extra-terrestrial intelligence or existing experiments related to this type of technology on our planet.

Alien Activity Caught on Tape

A cameraman had left his video equipment recording the sky to generate a power time-lapse effect. According to the UFO fans, the footage which seems to show a cloudy sky was in fact portraying an enormous airborne machine. Marked above the town of Frayser, Tennesse, USA, was the clip actually portraying a jaw dropping large craft which looks out fleetingly from behind the cover of the cloud.

An expert from Secure Team 10, on showing the clip for the first time had questioned his audience saying `so did you see it?’ Mr Schneider had recorded the footage near his house and had sent it to the American based group of experts. They have commented that `they are your cause for the best in new UFO detection videos, data on the government cover-up and alien activity caught on tape’.

Talking regarding the footage of Mr Schneider, he had commented that the source had stated that for days straight he had been hearing some very peculiar sounds, loud growing sounds in the sky that had no description. He had been looking around in the sky and searching on the internet on several occasions and was unable to see or find anything.

Spectators Influenced – Proof of Extra-terrestrial Activity

He further added that when he had first looked at it, he did not see a thing. He could only see clouds, trees blowing and was looking really hard but could not see a thing. However after viewing the still images and getting it pointed out, he was amazed as he spotted the craft.

He commented that on closer view, he saw momentarily what seemed to be a huge machine like structure moving in the sky, which only for a moment broke through the clouds. In spite of scientific explanation of the weather phenomenon, several of the spectators seem to be influenced that it was proof of extra-terrestrial activity.

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Secret Bedroom was Discovered in the Berlin Subway

Designers: Homify

Home – Bedroom, a Space for Relaxing With Ease

A home is a place where all the members of the family stay together in peace and harmony. The rooms in the home are very important and tend to convey a lot about the members in the household. The bedroom is one of those places providing the much needed space for relaxing at the end of a hectic schedule and great attention needs to be placed on the décor of the room. It should be a place where a member can feel relaxed in the midst of soft furnishings, flooring, and textures together with the furniture. Homify is the one of the best place to get best bedroom design ideas.

We have several service providers offering great taste while decorating a bedroom that can be tailored according to the design creating a serene atmosphere for a restful slumber. While considering the bedroom design, one should have a specific style and associated themes not forgetting the storage space. There are various style categories to suit the needs of individuals which come in the range of Minimalist, Modern, Eclectic, Colonial and much more.

While on the topic of bedroom, a secret bedroom had recently been discovered in an abandoned subway tunnel below the city of Berlin which was no lean-to bedroom. It had been carpeted as well as wall-papered in colour scheme that was very appealing.


Secret Subway Bedroom

The secret subway bedroom had a bed that was decked with clean, luxurious linen and the one living there had theTV set together with a remote control which had been lying on the bed. Besides this the room also had artwork, a hanging light and an armchair. For one to move all these objects across the tracks, deep into the tunnel to change the room into their home would indicate that the subway security had been careless.

No one had been aware of this room down there till a team of supervisors came across these cosy quarters at a time of a recent subway fire inspection. It was not known about the person who had erected this bedroom or who had been using it as their dwelling place. However it had gone viral online. On February, the images of the room in question were made available on online sources which had published the article regarding the secret room.

A Viral Sensation across the Globe

On checking the images one will be astonished on how the bedroom seems to appear. It seems to belong to a posh apartment while in another image where the camera tends to catch the surroundings of the room; one will see the cold cement as well as the steel rails in the subway together with the graffiti. This brings the realization that the room seems out of place with its surroundings.

As per Curbed today, no one is aware where this bedroom has come from and the mystery seems to stir among the Berlin subway passengers. It appeared that when the room had been revealed during inspection one of the inspectors had taken a few images of the room in question and had sent it to the media and the rest is history. The said eerie hidden subway bedroom has now become a viral sensation all across the globe.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chilling Secret Of Himalayan Skeleton Lake


Himalayan Mountains – Glacial Lake with Chilling Secret

High up in the Himalayan mountains of the Uttarakhand State of India, lies a glacial lake which tends to conceal a chilling secret. The lake known as Roopkund has an altitude of about 16,499 feet and is frozen for most part of the year.

However, when the ice tends to melt occasionally, Roopkund displays its shocking secret. Having a depth of 2.0 meters, one can get clear view of the hundreds of skeletons in the lake with some emerging out of the icy waters. The bones together with pieces of flesh as well as hair seemed to be preserved by the dry frosty climate and yet they seem to be there for a long time.

After the Skeleton Lake had been discovered in 1942, for years, people speculated on the mystery regarding the hapless humans who had lost their lives in the lake. A British forest ranger, did a survey on what happened on the lake in 1942 wherein the melting summer ice had revealed the skeletons, some of which were found floating in the water while others were lying about along the shore. His instant response was to think something awful could have happened to these people.

People’s Fascination – Several Theories

With war prevailing, it was presumed that the skeletons could have been the remains of Japanese soldiers who probably were sneaking through India. Being worried of land invasion, the British government had sent a team to investigate the skeletons and decided that the bones were not fresh enough to be of Japanese soldiers and it continued to be a mystery.

The mystery of the Skeleton Lake began to draw the peoples’ fascinationwith several theories coming up though no one seemed capable of identifying who the people could be or how old exactly the bones could be. The only thing agreed was that more than 200 people had been killed either in landslide, avalanche or probably due to mass murder or suicide.

According to local legend, it was presumed that the skeletal remains could have belonged to a Kashmir warrior, Zogawar Singh who was considered as the Napoleon of India, whose army had gone missing at the time of returning to Tibet. Other theories indicate that the remains were religious zealots who had participated in a mass suicide.

National Geographic Team –Trekked to Roopkund Lake

However, the most intriguing theory was linked with an ancient as well as traditional folk song which was sung by Himalayan women where the words of the song tend to describe a goddess who is enraged by outsiders defiling her mountain sanctuary that she rained death on them by flinging hailstones, as hard as iron.

In 2004, a National Geographic team had trekked to Roopkund Lake bringing back 30 skeletons to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, India. A DNA test was done and samples were also sent to the Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit of Oxford University.

 It was revealed there that the skeletons dated back to 850 AD. Researchers believe that all 200 or so of the skeletons could have been people who had died at around the same time and after their death, the freezing water as well as the dry icy conditions could have kept the remains in well-preserved condition. Besides the flesh and hair which they found on the skeletons, they also came across jewellery together with other leather clothing which was amazingly intact.

Another interesting discovery from the DNA test,was revealed that two distinct groups of people were found in the lake where one group of taller groups seemed to be related while the other groups which were shorter could have been porters or guides.
All Injuries Limited to Head & Shoulders
Centred on the examination of the clothing together with other items, it was presumed that the people were on a pilgrimage of some kind. What could have killed them? The evidence found indicate that all the skulls had signs of blunt force trauma to the head and forensic studies show skull fractures which were due to heavy round object around the size of a cricket ball or nine inches in circumference.

Added forensic investigations further show that all the injuries were limited to the head and shoulders of the people and no other area of their body and seemed that the victims were attacked unaware and violently from above. It is assumed that the only option that the victims could have died at the same time as well as with similar injuries was to be caught in the open area at a time of freak and a violent hailstorm. The lake has now become a famous trekking site.

With several people visiting the late, the skeletons and personal items seem to be disappearing and will little maintenance as well as monitoring at the site, the history of this amazing location seems to be in danger of being lost forever. Probably the country could consider in putting restrictions on travel companies, travellers to the lake and if nothing seems to be done, the skeletal remains could end up being nothing more than souvenirs for tourists.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Crown Jewels of Ireland

Crown Jewels of Ireland
Credit: Historical Nonfiction
Crown Jewels – Used in Ceremony of Consecration/Formal Ensigns of Monarchy

Crown jewels is referred generally to the royal ornaments that were used in the ceremony of consecration and formal ensigns of monarchy which was worn or carried on the occasion of the state. The Order of St. Patrick seemed to be an order of knights which King George III had established in 1783 and members of the noble families and aristocratic deemed worthy had been granted knighthoods who became Knights of St. Patrick.

This was an Irish equivalent of the English Order of the Garter and the Scottish Order of the Thistle. As first monarch of Ireland and later of the United Kingdom, the British monarch was the Sovereign of Order and the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland had been the Grand Master in the absence of the Sovereign, the insignia of which was worn by the Sovereign.

This was worn at the investiture of new Knights being members of the Order as well as by the Grand Master of the occasion of other formal ceremonies. This granting of knighthoods was a way of rewarding them and ensuring loyalty which took place in St. Patrick’s hall where the reigning monarch presided over the events.

Stored in Bank Vaults 

The name – Irish Crown Jewels was given to the valuable jewelled objects that the monarch wore at the time of the ceremony which were decorated with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds together with other precious stones.

When not in use the Irish Crown Jewels were stored in bank vault and in 1903, it was decided to store them at Dublin Castle where a new strong room was installed but the safe prepared to store the jewel was too wide to fit through the doorway of the strong room.

 It was then decided that the safe together with its precious jewels should be stored in a room having seven locks accompanied with two locks on the safe. The seven latch keys to the door of the Office of Arms were held by the Vicars together with his staff while two keys of the safe with the insignia were in the custody of Vicars who were known to be regularly drunk on overnight duty, who once awoke finding the jewels around his neck.

Jewels Went Missing – Mystery Unknown

Four days later, the jewels were found missing before a visit by King Edward VII in 1907 who was furious since he had intentions of granting a Knighthood on Lord Castletown of Queen’s Country. Though many were blamed for its disappearance, the whereabouts of the Irish Crown Jewels is yet a mystery.

The insignia was worn last by Lord Aberdeen, the Lord Lieutenant on March 15, 1907 at a ceremony of Saint Patrick’s Day on 17 March and was last known to be in the safe on 11 June when it was shown to a visitor to the office by the Vicars.

The jewels were found missing on 6 July 1907, four days prior to the start of a visit to the Irish International Exhibition by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at a planned investiture of Bernard FitzPatrick, 2nd Baron Castletown in the Order. Though the visit materialised, the investiture ceremony had to be cancelled. The jewels stolen were said to be of value of £1,050.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Plain Jars – Laos, Most Mysterious

The Plain Jars
The Plain of Jars in central Laos is one of the Southeast Asia’s most mysterious sites on Earth which is a misunderstood prehistoric place. It is shrouded in myth and mystery fascinating both archaeologist as well as scientists since its discovery in 1930s.

End numbers of large stone jars each weighing several tones, of unknown ancient originhave been found scattered around the Xieng Khouang plain in Laos forming one of the most awesome archaeological collections which appear in clusters and range from a single jar to several in number, on the lower foothills which surround the central plain and the upland valleys.

The Xieng Khouang Plateau is situated at the northern area of the Annamese Cordillera, which is the main mountain range of Indochina. Research done in early 1930 of the Plain of Jars claimed that the stone jars were associated with prehistoric burial activities.

Excavations carried out by Japanese archaeologist together with Lao in the intervening year, have also supported the interpretation with the discovery of human remains, burial goods and ceramics round the stone jars.

Fascinating Sites for Study of Southeast Asian Prehistory

The Plain Jars
The Plain of Jars date back to the Iron Age from 500 BC to 500 AD and is one of those fascinating sites for studying Southeast Asian prehistory.

 It also has the potential to enlighten on the relationship between the complex societies as well as the megalithic structures providing an understanding in the social organisation of Iron Age Southeast Asia’s communities.

There are over ninety sites within the province of Xieng Khouang with each site ranging from 1 up to 400 stone jars where the jars vary in diameter and height between 1 and 3 meters. These have been hewn out of rock and their shape is cylindrical with the bottom being wider than the top.

These stone jars are not decorated with the exception of one jar at Site 1 which has a human bas relief that has been carved on its exterior. China is drawn parallel between `frogman’ at Site 1 and the rock painting at Huashan in Guangxi. The paintings depict large full frontal humans with arms that have been raised and the knees bent which date back to 500 BC-200 BC.

Stone Markers to Mark Grave

The Plain Jars
Most of the jars have lip rims presuming that all stone jars supported lids though few stone lids have been recorded indicating that the bulk of lids could be fashioned from perishable material and hence no trace of them.

Stone lids with animal have been observed at some of the sites like Ban Phakeo while the bas relief animals are presumed to be monkeys, frogs and tigers.

The Plain Jars
Besides the stone lids there are also stone discs which have one flat side and are grave markers placed on the surface to either cover or mark a burial pit and these grave markers are found more infrequently than stone jars and in close proximity.

Besides these, there are other stone markers which are not worked upon but have been placed intentionally to mark a grave.

 Towards north of Xieng Khouang one will find an extensive network of intentionally placed largely unworked stones which mark elaborate burial pits while the chambers are known as standing stones of Huaphan. On observation it indicated that they belonged to the Bronze Age.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Derinkuyu – Ancient Multi-Level Underground City

Deriinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city of the Median Empire in Derinkuyu district in Nevsehir Province in the Central Anatolia region Turkey.

As per the census of 2010, the population of the district was 22,114 out of which 10,679 lived in the town of Derinkuyu.

 The district covers an area of 445 km2 and the average elevation of the district is 1,300 metres, the highest point being Mt. Ertas at 1,988 metres.

The historical region of Cappadocia where Derinkuyu is placed, comprises of various historical underground cities which have been carved out of a unique geological formation that were not generally occupied and is now a major tourist attraction.

It extends to a depth of approximately 60 metres and was huge enough to shelter around 20,000 people with their food stores and livestock and is also one of the largest excavated ground city in Turkey.

More than 200 underground cities of at least two levels deep have been discovered in the areas between Kayseri and Nevsehir with 40 of which have been of at least three levels and the troglodyte cites at Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are the two best examples of the underground cities.

Carved out of Unique Geological Formation 

The underground cities and structures which have been carved out of unique geological formation may have been used as hiding places at the time of raids.

There are around 600 outside doors to the city which are hidden in the courtyards of surface dwellings and the underground city is 85 meters deep containing the usual rooms which is normally found in an underground city, with cellars, storage rooms, refectories, churches, stables and lot more.

Besides these, a large room with barrel vaulted ceiling on the second floor was a missionary school while the room to the left was used as the study room.

From the third and the fourth floors onwards the descent of vertical staircases lead to cruciform plan church to the lowest floor.

A ventilation shaft of 55 meters deep was also used in these underground dwellings and at least 15,000 ventilation ducts to provide fresh air deep within the underground cities were discovered.

Most of the floors were not provided with water wells up to the surface in order to guard them from being poisoned at the time of raids.

Protection for Attacks

The large network of passages, stepped pits, tunnels and corridors linking family rooms and communal places lead to places to meet, work and worship.

These underground dwellings were complete with chimneys for air circulation, niches for oil lamps, wells, water tanks, as well as areas to place the dead temporarily till a suitable place for burial was found.

They also had carefully balanced moving stone doors; resembling mill stones that were constructed to quickly block the corridors in case of any incidents of attacks which only operated from one side.

From observation, it is unlikely that these underground cities could have been intended for permanent dwelling or long stays but built to safeguard from attacks which could accommodate large numbers of people with their livestock for a long period of time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sacred mean Phi

Numbers and Proportions – Divine Importance & Significance

Various cultures all over the world have seen the way nature has used number and proportion in the material form and these cultures were discovered in certain and exact set of numbers and proportions.

For the ancient people it seemed to be unclear that this set of numbers and proportion could have some significance or even possess a divine importance while the modern people would have no problem explaining the coincidence with logic or with scientific reasoning.

The ancient culture that discovered nature’s use of number did not have the need to explain things and left their minds open to the mysterious of nature’s love of geometry. Looking into the vast amount of information which has been collected on extensive number of forms where nature has adopted the proportion of Phi, it is observed that there is no other specific number which recurs through life with such regularity on earth.

For long, human beings realised that certain numbers, ratios and shapes had sacred significance like the number `7’ which has great significance in different aspects of various cultures, where geometric shapes were connected with numbers. The Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio continue to be instrumental in everything from Music to Art.

Sacred Geometry – Complex System

 Phi 1
Sacred geometry considered as a worldview of pattern recognition is a complex system of religious structures and symbols which involves time, form and space and according to this, the basic pattern of existence are considered to be sacred.

On researching into the nature of these patterns, forms as well as the relationships with their connections, understanding can be dawned into the mysteries, the lore and the laws of the universe.

The sacred meanings and symbols are also connected to certain geometric shapes, numbers and geometric ratios or proportions.

In the ancient times, certain numbers had some symbolic meanings attached to them, besides counting or calculating.

Most of the figures in geometry, like the polygons, hexagons, triangles, squares etc. were all related to numbers where square for instance related to four sides, triangle to three angles, etc.

Number Seven – Sacred Meaning to Geometric Number

Attaching sacred meanings to geometric number, one will find the number seven occurring consistently in diverse cultures all over the globe and religious and mythologies of the world consider seven as sacred.

An example is the pyramids of Egypt where the shape of the pyramid arrives at the number seven by connecting the three sided triangle and the four sided square.

The seven musical notes in a scale in music, repeat at the octave, then there are seven virtues and seven deadly sins in the Christian Church, seven heavens and seven earths in the Islamic tradition, seven terraces of purgatory in the Roman Catholic beliefs,seven steps taken by Buddha at the time of his birth, seven worlds in the Hindu universe, seven branched Jewish menorah which is the oldest symbol in Judaism.

As per some beliefs, the human body needs seven energy vortices which are known as chakras in order to be open to spiritual growth, wherein one moves focus from the three lower physical chakras to the four higher spiritual point.Moreover, seven was also connected with growth wherein a phenomenon needed to be completed in seven stages like in the Bible where God created the universe in Seven Days

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cup and Ring Mark; A Prehistoric Art

Cup and Ring Mark 1
The term Cup and ring mark or carvings are a range of rock carved symbols, which have been considered as a prehistoric art that have been found mainly in northern England and Scotland though similar types of these carvings have also been found in other locations all across the world.

The carvings in Britain are estimated to be around 4000 to 5000 years old dating them back to the Neolithic and the Bronze era.

Cup and Ring Mark 2
The best known examples are at Balnachraig – Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, Beauly near Iverness and Dalgarven Mill near Kilwinning. Cups and ring marks had been sculpted in local stone slabs some of which were quite basic with primitive decorations while others were made with great precision and style.

Most of them have concentric rings like ripples on water. Some examples are of portable rock art where cup and rings marks have been carved on huge stones which are movable.

The carvings generally occur as circular hollows which are cut into rock surfaces like cup marks and these are either single or in groups. The cup mark is surrounded by a circular channel like cup and ring mark and these too appear as single or multiple rings. There are also complex designs which involve cups, cups and rings together with grooved channels which are linked or enclosed parts of the design.

Symbols Pecked on Surface with Pointed Tools

Cup and Ring Mark 3
These descriptions cover most of Britain’s rock carving though other types of motifs also exist like the spiral channels, cups in rosette patterns, ladder, chevron channels, grid and comb like motifs.

On close observation of un-eroded carvings, it shows that the symbols were pecked on the surface of the rock with the use of a pointed tool of around 0.5 cm in diameter with the possible use of a metal, flint and deer antler, as tools materials.

Archaeologists have carved a new cup and ring which has been created with the use of a deer antler pick where the stone has now been put on display in the Manor House museum, Ilkley, West Yorkshire and the modern carving also portrays how the symbols would stand out against the darker rock surface when they were first carved.

The Meaning and Purpose of Symbols – A Mystery

Cup and Ring Mark 4
Presently the meaning and purpose behind the symbols is not known while several theories have been suggested though no valid reasoning has emerged.

Most of the rock carvings are placed close by or incorporated in cairns and burial mounds indicating that the symbols in some way could be connected with burial practices and possible beliefs with regards to ancestors and an afterlife.

Cup and Ring Mark 5

Moreover, the symbols were also found carved on standing stone as well as at stone circles presuming that these places could have been used for religious as well as ritual purposes during that time.

Carvings also occurred on outcrop rock where site seems to have been chosen for a specific purpose to give an interrupted view over the surrounding area.

Many people have made attempts to comprehend the symbolism of these cups and ring marks and speculate about its original significance.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mysterious Non-Existence Of Island Sandy

Island Sandy
The History Mystery of Sandy Island, a non-existent island had featured on the world’s map for over a decade as being located near the French territory of New Caledonia between the Chesterfield Island and Nereus Reef in the eastern Coral Sea. The island was included on many maps as well as nautical charts in the late 19th century which gained great media and public attention in November 2012 when R/V Southern Surveyor which was an Australian surveyor ship that had passed through the South Pacific when the crew noticed an interesting discrepancy between their navigational maps and other atlases that were abroad.

 Every source that was checked showed a small speck known as Sandy Island located halfway between Australia and New Caledonia. The surveyor that had arrived at the site of Sandy Island in the middle of the night had left some of the crew and the captain worried that they might run around on land just beneath the surface though their depth sounding equipment showed ocean floor that was thousands of feet below indicating that the island did not face any recent volcanic scene or never existed at all.

No Trace of Sandy Island

Island Sandy 1
A team of explorers who had been traveling to a remote island off the coast of Australia made an unusual discovery. There was no trace of the tiny island known as Sandy Island which appears on all maps and atlas in the world.

The Island was then quickly removed from several maps and data sets inclusive of the National Geographic society and Google Maps.When viewed from Google Earth, Sandy Island appeared like dark, silver tantalising amid the shimmering vastness of the Pacific Ocean but when marine scientist arrived at that island in the Coral Sea off Australia they were surprised for something that did not exist. There was just the blue Ocean instead of sandy outcrop with palm trees that were supposed to be there,

An Enigmatic Island

Island Sandy 2
Maria Seaton, the Australian scientist, a geologist at Sydney University had started a voyage to study plate tectonic and had spotted the enigmatic island which lay along the route.

Though the island appeared on the Google Earth map, there were several discrepancies and no images of it. Moreover it had also featured on the reliable world coastline database for the past twelve years but there seems to be no sign of it on their sea chart.

This has led to a lot of speculation as to why do every map and atlas indicates a place known as Sandy Island. Some sources indicate that Sandy Island was approximately 60 sq. miles in size somewhat the same area as Manhattan meaning that it would have been an insignificant piece of land but the mystery lies in how did it manage to get on the maps and atlas.

According to a theory, the island seemed to have been placed by a cartographer on purpose who tried to prevent the copying of his maps. In the past it was not unusual for mapmakers to deliberately put mark on their works in order that they could identify copies made by others and there could be a possibility that Sandy Island could have been just another mark.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Angel Hair – Connected to UFO

Angel Hair
Angel hair or siliceous cotton is a fibrous, sticky substance which had been reported in connection with UFO sightings. It has been named for its similarity to fine hair or spider webs and in some instances it is found to be the web threads of migrating spiders where it is reported that angel hair evaporates or disintegrates within a short span of time of forming.

 It is an important aspect of Raelism, UFO religion and one of its theories is that it is created from ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field surrounding a UFO. This cobweb and jellylike substance slightly radioactive often falls to the ground after UFO sightings, has been dubbed `angle hair’ which when held in the hand that seems like cottony tufts have an offensive smell.

 American ufologist refers it as angel hair, while Italian considers it as siliceous cotton and the French call the term `the Madonna’s present, describing the semitransparent threads that fell from heavens.

Phenomenon of Shining Flying Spindles started in 1954

Angel Hair 1
Discussions of the phenomenon first started in 1954 when two men known as Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci stood on a hotel balcony in the vicinity of St. Mark’s Square of Venice on October 27, 1954 when suddenly they saw two shining spindles flying across the sky.

These objects left behind a fiery white trail while they moved along and flew at high speed each at some distance away from the other taking a U turn to fly away in the direction of Florence. It was also reported that an unexpected interruption in a soccer game played in one of the stadiums of Florence took place when the players, referees along with 10 thousand spectators stood gazing into the skies at the two objects making their rounds over the stadium with a couple of unidentified objects flying over the city thrice from 14.20 to 1429 and a number of strange cobweb like threads dropping to the arena as these objects disappeared.

Fibrous Material Highly Resistant to Tension 

Since the substance would disintegrate when held in hand, a student called Alfrede Jacopozzi was the only one to have picked up a few threads and seal them in a hermetic test tube and handed over the tube to Professor Giovanni Canneri, the director of the Chemical Analysis Institute, University of Florence. His colleague, Professor Danilo Cozzi, carried out a series of test on the mysterious substance and his conclusion was that it was a fibrous material which was highly resistant to tension and torsion and once subjected to heat, the material would tend to grow dark and evaporate leaving transparent sediments which melted away. These sediments were found to contain boron, silicon and magnesium which hypothetically speaking could be some kind of boron-silicon glass according to Professor Cozzi.

Comprehensive Analysis Conducted

Charles Maney, an American ufologist suggested that the material was the UFO excess energy which materialized and according to him the threads returned to their dimension or some other space time continuum while fading away.

 Another British ufologist suggested that the angel hair was a variety of ectoplasm that emanated during a spiritualistic session. A Soviet researcher, B.V.Lyapunov, who had done much contribution to popularize science, received sample of angel hair from New Zealand in 1967 in a tightly sealed tube which contained some unknown stuff measuring less than one tenth of a cubic centimeter. A comprehensive analysis was then conducted by a team of scientist on the substance.

Physicist, L.V. Kirichenko, specialist in radiometry was of the opinion that the substance was a fine fibered material where some of its fibers were less than 0.1 micron in diameter and most of the fibers were tangled in the bundles or separate threads measuring 20 microns in diameter looking whitish and semitransparent. Analogues are unknown to the analyzed substance. Academician I.V. Petryanov Sokolov on summing up the study of the material stated that the sample is of considerable interest as a material with extremely fine fibers and it is unlikely that the material was formed by nature.

Flying Web Type Substance

The entire substance unfortunately was used during the research and no fresh samples of angel hair were obtained inspite of repeated reports in the country. British Society for UFO Studies reported in August 1998, that mysterious cobwebs fell to the ground shortly after an UFO sighting in North Wales and a sixty old woman and her daughter-in-law sighted about 20 silver balls in the sky before taking note of cobweb like material which fell to the ground.

In 1898, residents of the city of Montgomery in United States reported angel hair which fell from the clear blue sky stating the fall as `flying web type substance’ and according to eyewitness, the threads of the material resembled fluorescent asbestos fibers. A large number of sticky fibers were seen falling from the sky for two hours on February 10, 1978, in the vicinity of the coastal city of Samaru, New Zealand where the fibers appeared to be quite finer than cobwebs though clearly visible against a clear blue sky.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Evolution of Fantasy Art

Fantasy A Part of all Human Societies

Fantasy Art 1
Every creature at some point of time tends to dwell in a fantasy world and mankind has always been a dreamer with strong need for the irrational. As we see even in the prehistoric age, many paintings depicted gods, imaginary fantasy beasts and other mythical creatures while some pictures from the caves in Spain had pictures which were over 15,000 years old.

 When it were discovered at first they were believed to be fake but with the discoveries done in other caves these paintings were confirmed as real and original where the people had painted them to the extent of giving them an abstract figure, more of a fantasy. As fantasy has existed down the ages, so also fantasy art and illustration.

Fantasy Art 2
Fantasy art has always been a part of all human societies all through history and is found in plenty in folklore, fairy tales, mythology, religion and science fiction. Most of the ideas and fantasy stories have made their place in art, with illustration into reality and fantasy art and fantasy literature have always been linked like the two sides of a coin.

High and Low Fantasy 

To define what is not a reality in the form of fantasy is quite a difficult task and for high fantasy, in terms of illustration and literature could be one from other world or other worldly creatures. A great fantasy writer and expert, Tolkien, has defined the difference in terms of primary and a secondary world, primary which is our own world while secondary being the imaginary world.

High fantasy according to him is distinguished from low fantasy on the basis of setting and low fantasy is set in our real primary world. Low fantasy may then include all mythology, fictions, fairytales which may be fanciful and a non –rational phenomenon but tend to exist in our world without any explanation of its existence in the rational world.

Mythology History in Fantasy Art

The ability to create within secondary world in the past was not always permitted and fantasy art did not emerge through the creation of secondary world but through the depiction of low fantasy which exist in the primary world.

Popular themes of fantasy art that have been adopted in the new worlds of high fantasy that have always been are the fairy tales, folklore, legends and mythology. European art in the past were the only themes which seemed worthy and were portraiture, of Christian or classical mythology while artistic imagination was not free. While depicting myths and tales, the need to hold true to the story was essential.

Myth defined as fiction at one point of time was considered as fact to some people and art was created in context to the beliefs which they looked upon even to the extent that though they were not believed in by the society, they were at least revered and respected.

Mythology history in fantasy art takes us back to the cave drawings of imaginary gods, beasts and mythical creatures which arose probably from a need to explain various things which is captured and subdued in the form of fantasy art.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Science mystery:Living Stones Of Costesti

Living Stones -1
Costesti, a small Romanian village, has some interesting and incredible stones known as trovants, which are believed to have life in them and trovants is a geological term in Romania which means cemented sand. Trovante, is not a part of any science fiction but geological phenomenon, consisting of spherical shapes of cemented sand which probably existed due to some powerful seismic activity. It is believed that the earthquake which took place around 6 million years back could have led to the creation of the first trovants.

Living Stones-2
The most amazing discovery of these mysterious stones is that they grow as if they are alive after coming into contact with water from a heavy rainfall and these stones tend to grow from 6-8 millimeters to 6 -10 millimeters in size. They are compared to the famous rocks in Death Valley, California, where most of these stones even move on their own without any assistance of any kind and when they are cut, they reveal ellipsoidal and spherical rings which are similar to tree trunks.

Living Stones-3
Another unique aspect of these stones is that though they vary in size, from a few millimeters to around 10 millimeters they are very much similar. Many presume that these trovants consist of stone core with an outer shell of sand and after a heavy rain, smaller stones form over the larger ones giving its name of `growing stones’, while others call them living stones which reproduce.

Some believe that the trovants increase in size due to its high content of numerous mineral salts that are present under the shell and when the surface tends to gets wet, the presence of the chemicals begin to start spreading, thereby putting pressure on the sand that makes the stone to grow.

Living Stones-4
However, despite great efforts being done, scientists have failed to come up with a valid logical explanation or a well documented research or experiment conducted on why these stones are having extensions similar to those of roots. These trovants behave like some unknown inorganic form of life which is amazing and mysterious though local residents did have an idea and were aware of these stones unusual properties for over 100 years but did not pay much attention to them and used these stones as building material as well as for tombstones. Presently this unique discovery remains to be a popular tourist attraction in Romania and Trovants Museum National Reserve which was inaugurated in the year 2004 is now protected by UNESCO.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Science Mystery: Interesting Facts About The Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio -1
The Golden Ratio is often referred as God’s fingerprint and is also the twenty first letter of the Greek alphabet. It appears in nature and is also the universal law of the divine number showing the interrelations in life and is the only number which adds as well as multiplies simultaneously. Phi or the Golden ratio is also called by other names like the Fibonacci numbers, divine, mean, golden mean, golden section or golden spiral and is the main source code applied to all intelligent divine creation as well as number assigned to man. It can also be applied to anything in the world like shells, water, sunflowers, roses, snowflakes, art, planets, animals’ symbol of man, DNA and much more. The Golden Ratio, the most ancient sacred principle known as the Divine Proportion is expressed by the Greek letter phi and is often found in designs of icon down the ages and around the world from Chartres Cathedral to Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid.

Golden Ratio -2
Famous personalities like Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Fibonacci used the Golden Ration in order to create their genius work and the credits on the beauty of the piece of art of Mona Lisa goes to the ideal proportion of the Golden Ratio. Earlier it was considered that the Golden Ratio could only be applied to arts and architecture but through the innovative medical professionals who have come to the realization that the immense benefit in improving the health can come through Golden Ratio with regards to health and the well being of humans. Based on Friedman’s intuition and supported by a variety of scientific studies, the British Medical Journal in December 2009 published a study informing that the Golden Ratio could be an important predictor of heart attacks. According to the study’s lead author from Innsbruck Medical University in Austria, Professor Hanno Ulmer states that a healthy hearts exhibits the harmonious golden ratio. Professor Ulmer, after analyzing blood pressure readings from people over 160,000 in number, found that those with a ratio of 1.6180, which is the mathematical value of the Golden ratio, between the maximum and the minimum blood pressure, had a lower chance of having a fatal heart attack.

Golden Ratio -3
What is the Golden Ratio – When 2 quantities demonstrate divine proportionate the Golden Ratio and if the ratio of the sum of the 2 quantities or number to the large quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one, the Golden Ratio’s mathematical value arrived is 1.6180339887 and for most of us, this can be understood better with diagrams than with words or numbers. The number of man in the human body is 5 which is based on Phi and in the occult world is symbolized as an upright pentagram having two feet on the ground, with two arms extended to the side and the head in ascendant position to the heavens – AS ABOVE. This upright pentagram denotes the spiritual man or Christ who is in control and the pattern of the number 5 corresponding with the 5 elements in nature as SO BELOW. Throughout the physical body, the Golden ratio is expressed in various ways inclusive of bone structure, in the proportion of the section of each finger of our hand and the toe of our feet as well as the proportion of our face which are just the beginning of the numerous ways in which the Golden ratio governs the formation and functioning of our bodies.

Golden Ratio -4
It is therefore essential to understand the principle in order to achieve ideal health and help in the overall improvement of health. According to Dr. Friedman, the Golden Ratio throughout the human body with regards to physiological, anatomical, and molecular levels is an incredible code to be embedded in the structure and function of the body and the more one could apply this principle, life tends to get more effortless and efficient. With our 5 limbs consisting of the legs, arms and the head, each of which contains 5 appendages of fingers and toes which operate with the 5 sensory organs of our head , our two eyes, ears, and the mouth which in turn activates the five sense organs of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. As humans we operate efficiently when we use the Golden Ratio to handle how to learn and sense with the use of math of 5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5 = Phi and when we live by the Golden Rule, the philosopher turns the DNA lead into DNA gold. Mathematical construction here means that 5 ^ .5 means that 5 raised to the power of ½ power, is the square root of 5 and is then multiplied by .5 to which is added .5. Our DNA comprises of our looks, intelligence and the ability to excel in any given environment depending on the history of knowledge present in the blood that runs in our veins. In simple phrase the DNA is you and you are your DNA. It is here that the mathematical order takes shape in organizing the order that is within, to operate effectively on the outside with the world according to a particular DNA.

Monday, September 30, 2013

History mystery: Ancient Mythology about Rainbow

The most favorite component throughout history is the rainbow which is a natural phenomenon appreciated for its beauty. According to the Sumerian mythology, the rainbow’s power, according to some was regarded as the sole benevolent portraying its perception of the world culture though its past stories. The Epic of Gilgamesh for instance, an ancient king of Sumerian’s reign during 3000 BC; gives us detailed written evidence of the culture during that age. It portrays the Sumerian farmer god Ninurta defending Sumer with a bow and arrow wearing a crown similar to a rainbow. According to Christian mythology, in the chapter of Genesis, Noah was appointed by God to save every living pair of species from the great floods. When the flood had destroyed all living creatures from the face of the earth, the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promise that he would never destroy all of the earth with flood and the rainbow was a covenant between God and man forming an arc between earth and heaven. As per the Greek mythology, the daughter of first generation gods Electra and Thaumas, Iris was the goddess of sea and sky and her father was the wondrous marine god while her mother the amber, a cloud nymph.

Iris was a messenger of the gods and in ancient Greek vase painting depicted as a young woman who flew on golden wings, dressed in rainbow colors, a herald’s rod and at times a water pitcher in her hand. She seems to be speeding with the wind delivering news and appears in nine of the twenty four books of Homer’s – The Illiad. She is often depicted standing beside Zeus or Hera offering nectar from her jug and as a messenger of the gods was incomparable from Hebe art..She was the goddess of the rainbow and often represented as the handmaiden and personal messenger of Hera. For the Greeks from the coastal dwellings, the rainbow was seen spreading over the distance between the clouds in the sky and the sea and the goddess was said to represent the rain clouds with water from the sea. Greek myth was of the belief that Iris delivered messages that were rarely of peace or of good fortune. One of her jobs was to fill a golden jug with holy water for Zeus who would make misbehaving gods make a binding oath on the holy water. She has no distinctive mythology of her own but she appears in a myth as an errand running messenger and described as a virgin goddess.

According to later writers, Iris was married to Zephyrus and was the mother of Eros. Being engaged in service of Zeus and Hera she even served Achiles in calling the wind to his assistance and performed her services not only when commanded but also rendered advice and services of her own accord. Her name seems to contain double meaning where iris relates to the rainbow and eiris to the messenger.
According to some poets, Iris is described as the rainbow itself, while Servius implies that the rainbow was merely the road on which she travelled which appeared when the need arose and disappeared when it was not needed. Regarding her worship, the Delians offered her cakes made of wheat and honey and dried figs on the island of Hecate. In ancient Greek vase painting, she appears as a beautiful young woman, standing and dressed in a long wide tunic with a light upper garment and wings attached to her shoulders. She is found carrying the herald’s staff in her left hand or appears to fly on their wings with sandals on her feet along with the staff and the pitcher in her hand and compared to a swift footed storm wind messenger.

Different mythology and groups like the Norse and Navajo are of the belief that the multi colored arc, bridged the distance between earth and heaven while some called it the bridge or the gateway to heaven. The Norse believed the rainbow to be bridge that could be used by gods and mortals killed in the battle of just war. According to some they believe that the rainbow only shows up in the sky when St. Peter opened the pearly gates of heaven to usher in the new souls in heaven and its colors representing the magnificence of heaven. Others think that it is a link of six or seven bridges, based on the belief of individual’s culture on the number of colors in the bow that the soul had to successfully travel to reach heaven. As per the African’s belief the rainbow was actually a full circle, half of which could only be seen at an appropriate time. They also believed that the rainbow separated the earth from the heaven. As per Roman mythology, the rainbow is believed to be the pathway for Mercury the messenger god.

According to German, myths the rainbow was considered as a bowl that God used during his creation to color the world while others thought that it was a magnificent gift of nature. The ancient Arabians believed it was a tapestry woven by the south wind while the Incas thought that it was a gift from their sun god. The Buddhist identified the rainbow to the seven regions of the earth due to its seven colors and believed it as the next highest state of achievement before Nirvana, the place very one and all individuals meet their end. The Hindus believe that the rainbow represents the archer’s bow of their god of war and that the god used the bow to send arrows of lightening to kill demons who threatened their land and their people. In Islam, it is believed to have only four colors instead of the seven colors, namely blue, green, red and yellow which are related to fire, earth, water and wind. The Native American tribes considered the rainbow as the drinking fountain for all souls of heaven while other believed it to be a bridge between the world of humans and the world of gods though not heaven and still others believed it to be merely a pathway which the gods used.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

History mystery: Manuscript of the Middle Age – Voynich Manuscript

With great achievements in the field of technology, man has made amazing headway in every sphere of life and is also making progress in solving hidden mysteries of bygone days though there are some which still remains a mystery. The Voynich Manuscript for instance remains unsolved though many attempts have been made to interpret the script written over 1000 years ago. It is a manuscript written somewhere during the Middle Age using an unknown alphabet system in an unknown language. It contains astronomical information and illustrations of plants some of which are unknown to our modern times botanists. The Voynich manuscript is a handwritten book consisting of 240 vellum pages with many illustrations and around 170,000 characters. As per radiocarbon analysis performed in the year 2009, by University of Arizona, the manuscript seemed to be originated in the first half of the fifteen century though there is no written confirmation regarding this analysis. It is still unclear as to who wrote the manuscript, its contents and the purpose of its existence. The script seems to be written from left to right which can be seen from its left alignment format. It is believed that the codex belonged to Emperor Rudolph II of Germany who may have purchased it for 600 gold ducats and the work of Roger Bacon. It could be a possibility that the Emperor obtained the manuscript from the English astrologer John Dee somewhere between 1527 -1608, who owned a number of Roger Bacon’s manuscripts.

The Voynich Manuscript or MS as it is so called, after its rediscovery in 1912 by Wilfred Voynich, is a compact parchment codex of 23.5 x 16.2 cm with 116 vellum leaves out of which only 102 remains. It seems likely from the various numbering gaps, the manuscript had at least 272 pages some of which were already missing when Wilfred Voynich got hold of the manuscript. It is believed that most of the book’s bifolios had to be reordered during the various stages of its history and the page order may have differed from its original page. The limp vellum cover which is blank gives no indication of any title or author and while the manuscript is written in an elegant manner its script is unknown. The text seems to be composed of words and arranged in short paragraphs. The manuscript is well illustrated with drawings and appears to convey some scientific work from the middle age but since the script is not known it still remains a mystery. From modern analysis, it is understood that a quill pen and iron gall ink was used for writing and figure outlines while the colored paints applied were possibly done at a later stage.

Though the Voynich manuscript was studied by many renowned professionals and amateur cryptographers from British and American code breakers, it still remains unknown and a famous case of historical cryptology. It is shrouded with mystery of popular imagination, thus making this manuscript a topic of both interesting theories and novels and none of the proposed speculative solutions over the years have been confirmed or verified. Some are of the belief that the Voynich Manuscript was donated to Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library in 1969 and catalogued under call number MS 408 called `Cipher Manuscript’. It may be difficult to understand all the messages, some may be easy to discern while others resemble allegory making them subjective to the reader. Most of the images are of basic iconography found in ancient text and the history of this manuscript navigates us to creation, alchemy, and the way the world appeared to the writer of the manuscript decades of years ago. The possibility could be that the author wrote the manuscript to explain his views on the working of the universe and its use in healing options. Its secrecy and cryptic aspects leave us with a big question yet to be solved which is making it more fascinating. In spite of decades of efforts made to determine the mysterious script, it still remains elusive.

Some consider it as a nonsensical text intending it to be a hoax or reason best known to the author. Debated issues among code breakers, linguistics and mathematicians are on as to whether the mysterious manuscripts would ever be solved. Undoubtedly the Voynich manuscript is intriguing and continues to hold the interest of many due to its unsolved mystery represented with its beautiful drawings made lively and bold, the elegance on the hand writing with each page portraying the images combined with text. Regardless of whether it was a hoax, a jest, an alchemical or notes on a parallel world or whatever the conclusion may be, its focus on the fantastic unsolved mystery is inducing many to learn more on this mysterious script.