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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Man May be Able to Survive on Mars

Survival is a tough job, no matter you analyze it from whichever perspective. From time immemorial scientists have carried several expeditions on the Fourth planet of the solar family. The evidence of water has germinated the whole crux behind the possibility of sustaining life on Mars.

The scientists have derived an extra element that adds to the idea of sustenance of life on the planet, Mars. The researchers have said that it is difficult to study the mantle of Mars, but they are trying to delve into the matter and make the mars’ mantle as familiar as that of Earth. So that life can exist much easily there. The researchers have said that the mars’ mantle is similar to that of Earth’s and it is not as complicated as it was expected to be.

The scientists have discovered Elysium, which is a magnanimous complex of Volcano on Mars, and is known for being the second largest Olympic Mons and rises to the length of almost 16 km. They have also discovered that the lava that flows round Elysium does persist having an primary mantle that dissolves at dissimilar temperatures as the surface rises differently across time. Researches have revealed that the fourth planet is utterly a much complicated planet in terms of geological evolution than it was expected. Perhaps the change in the surface that takes place due to the rise of volcano is the reason behind several effects of loading.

The entire research was led by David Susko said, who is a researcher at LSU Geology and Geophysics graduate. He said that Mars is more like Earth than like Moon. The expedition that was carried on Moon have revealed the fact that Moon lacks all the subordinate minerals that is vital for the sustenance of life which is present on Earth as a result of igneous-water contacts and weathering. We had witnessed Mars just like Moon that is lifeless, loaded with craters with several inactive volcanoes.

Mars is known as the red Planet and the more we dive into its several folds; we can find that it can sustain life and this planet is not at all identical to the Moon. Research is still being carried on in this field to figure out several more proofs that supports the idea of existence of life on Mars. Varieties of rocks have been discovered that has many geochemical compositions that ensure the fact that human population can exist on the fourth planet of the solar system.

Susko have confirmed that the features of volcano that are present on Mars are reported to be in the range of 3-4 billion years old. He also said that if they could trace the history of this volcano then they can easily figure out which rich ores and minerals are present on Mars that can be beneficial to support life on this planet. Such researches tend to claim that life can be possible on Mars with all the basic amenities.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

UFO Hunters Claim to Have Found a MARBLE on Mars

MARBLE on Mars
 Scientists and Astronauts are still trying to figure out whether life can be possible on Mars or not as several instances have been found that suggests that life can exist on this fourth planet of the universe. Recent discoveries have propounded that instinct of a small marble is found on the ground of Mars. This new discovery has added new dimensions both veiling and unveiling new concepts and theories towards the research to locate life on the Mars.

The Mars Rover Curiosity have recently taken pictures that depicts the presence of a small unknown element lying amon
gst the known red dusty soil and coarse rocks. Some scientist claims it to be a marble, but the most acceptable justification is that it is none other than the Spherule present in Mars, which most obviously is understood to come into formation when the volcanoes discharge molten magma rock into the atmosphere.

On 20th December 2016 a black and white picture was captured that denotes the same ball like figure on the previous place, which suggest that it not has been removed from its place due the action of some weathering agent and also portrays that the previous picture that was taken was not wrong. However, some changes were found as the surrounding of that dark, small object was found to be covered with rocks and dust.
MARBLE on Mars_2

This current picture of Mars was initiated by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover, which has been trying to unfold the reality of this fourth planet discovering new foundations related to the surface of Mars since 2011 using highly advanced technologies and cameras.

The images captured till date claims this unidentified object as none other than a Spherule that is more likely to be present on Martian ground.

Several theories have come up related to this unknown object which should be considered before reaching to a conclusion that when molten magma rock was sprayed from the volcanoes due to utmost pressure from the interiority of the earth or from the meteors present in the atmosphere was delivered into the real world perhaps there long time measure was the formation of these spherules or marble like small and dark objects. Some other suggests that these Spherules were formed when the groundwater was ejaculated through porous rocks leading to a chemical reaction that would form these small balls precipitated from iron minerals.

MARBLE on Mars_3
Most favorably the scientists have addressed it as a Martian Spherule instead of considering it as a marble or life sustaining object. To this the question arises what is this Martian Spherule? The scientists have also found an answer to this as it can also be referred to as Blueberries because of the presence of a bluish tinge. This theory regarding Mars was discovered in 2004.

Many expeditions have been carried to reveal the truth behind the most ambiguous planet. But, still no concrete grounds have been prepared on which any conclusion can be forged. Just like the dilemma behind the truth of this censored object detected on Mars.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alien Hunter Claims Curiosity Rover has Spotted A SHARK On Surface of Mars

Shark on Mars

Mars – Probably Covered in Ocean

It is said that Mars was once probably covered in a huge ocean, spanning almost half of the northern hemisphere of the red plant and presently UFO hunter asserts that he has evidence. In the midst of the rocks on the Martian surface, the unfamiliar supporter had spotted what according to him was a huge terrified fish. The image had been captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover and inspite of criticizing the agency for overspending on their fishing trip; he claims that this is one which is worth mounting on the wall.

In the black and white image that had been taken on March 23 from the Right B Navcam, a landscape of Mars is seen riddled with huge rocks. At the bottom of the image, is where UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring stated that he had spotted proof of ancient Martian oceans. Waring revealed in a post with fishing puns, the findings that he implies the rover almost overlooked. He wrote that he guessed this is a story which did not get away since a reel expert can tackle anything and that it was a good thing that he could get an image of it or it would be difficult to believe.
Shark on Mars_1

Latest Claim Surrounding Signs of Life – Petrified Fish

Waring had further added that last year, NASA had announced that there were oceans on Mars and that it did look a lot like Earth in several ways.He presumes that the terrified fish is proof of that and looking closely, one will find the tail fin and the fin ridge which begins at the lower back fin, moving all the way to the fishes stomach. He had coloured the fish making it easier on the eye.

The fish seems to be about half a metre long, about the size of a bass or small salmon. This tends to explain the three various boats that had been located last year. He said that he feels NASA went overboard with their 2 billion dollar fishing equipment in order to catch this one, though it’s insolently worth placing on the wall. This seems to be the latest claim surrounding the signs of life on the red planet.
Shark on Mars_2

Martian Rocks – Oldest Fossil Remains of Ancient Microbial Life

NASA had explained at that time that sometimes NASA tends to feel compelled to react to rock speculation as it did with the well-known `thigh bone’ that was discovered in 2014. Mars probably did not have sufficient oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support complex organism and hence huge fossils are not possible. Some UFO enthusiast may have taken the sighting of the fish, seriously but we know that it could be a coincidental merging of the right rock playing with the shadows.

 But then alien hunters would wonder why anyone would think of claims on the discovery of fossil fish together with other marine life on Mars as unbelievable when even NASA had admitted that the planet once had oceans and Martian rocks would hold some of the oldest fossil remains of ancient microbial life on the planet. Regarding the claims of Mars fossil fish, alien hunter like Waring may ask, `what is more natural than fish where there are oceans?’